Talented Tony Vs The Music Business

Breaking into the music industry, Talented Tony’s new mixtape “Hustle” is underway.  In his eyes it’s all or nothing. Therefore he’s pouring his last into it, money, emotions, and time, determined to blow. Talented Tony didn’t have an artist manager, or the support of someone with a big name. It was just him. Not having the time or the resources to understand the business side of the music industry, he was driven to release his mixtape.   

While recording his mixtape, Talented Tony would always pass Prepared Johnny working on his mixtape in the other room. Talented Tony made fun of Prepared Johnny because he was always focused on more than just music.  Not having the slightest clue of why everything else was just as important as the music, Talented Tony boasted about his bars and how he was ready to drop. 

Weeks passed, and it was time to pick up the final mix.  Talented Tony was going to release his mixtape like Drake and Beyonce. His plan was to shock the Internet, and give them zero notice about his mixtape.  Storming out of the studio, Talented Tony rushed to a computer and uploaded his mixtape with a mixtape cover he made using an Instagram app.  While uploading his mixtape online, Talented Tony saw Prepared Johnny’s new mixtape cover at the top of every website he visited.  Transfixed on the count down,  and the VisionScopeMedia logo,Talented Tony felt jealousy for the first time. This made Talented Tony aggressively tag all of his loving friends on Facebook saying “ Check Me Out”.

1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, Talented Tony watched his number of plays slowly inch. Feeling himself becoming upset with the Internet, he couldn’t understand why people didn’t click his link.  With zero patience, Talented Tony shoved his mixtape in people’s dm’s and inboxes. Feverishly scrambling to get his new mixtape heard, Talented Tony was stopped in his tracks by the radio.  Due to the bad reception he had to check to see if he was hearing it clearly. Prepared Johnny was on the radio receiving  request from his fans to keep playing his song.

Talented Tony just couldn’t understand. His mixtape was hot and it was on the Internet.   He did the same thing Drake and Beyonce did, and he was far more talented than Prepared Johnny.  What is the problem, he asked.

In the midst of his rampage, Talented Tony finally realized the music industry wasn’t just about talent. The more he came to grips with this, and the more he seen the media sharing Prepared Johnny’s mixtape he learned one thing.

Talented Tony was never a Prepared Johnny. As a result, Talented Tony would never get heard until he learned to be prepared.  The music industry is 90% business and 10% talent. Don't just be a Talented Tony, learn the business.