Why Are Mixtape Covers Important?

Mixtape Cover Designs are reshaping the way consumers engage with music.  Every day 95% of the mixtapes released are skipped over due to mediocre cover art. As a result, more artists are receiving a smaller number of streams and downloads for their music.  Emerging artist who ignore the importance of a mixtape cover are limiting the success of their mixtape campaign. Every artist should put an emphasis on the importance of his or her cover art.


Your mixtape cover is the first point of contact a fan has with your music. For this purpose you want your cover art to stand out to potential listeners. In order to stand out you must appeal to the interest of your target audience. Essentially, you want to make sure your mixtape is relevant to your music and the time. Often great music is skipped over because of outdated mixtape covers, leading to mixtapes with zero plays. Therefore it is important to stress that your graphic designer has a relevant eye. Equally important, you want your mixtape cover to summarize what the mixtape is about. Doing this, your mixtape cover will stay true to your music and your target audience. If you’re a backpack rapper with a mixtape cover resembling the trap you are easily going to lose the trust of your target audience. In marketing trust is the only thing that helps you keep a relationship with your fans. With that said, the start of your relationship is your mixtape cover.


In addition, mixtape covers also determine which digital platforms will accept your music. Digital platforms such as Itunes have strict rules against   blurry cover art. Alongside Itunes, there are a number of blogs and websites who will not take your mixtape serious if you do not take it serious.  Simply because it does not integrate well with their website or blog. As a result, you will potentially miss out on streams and plays. In short, you want to make other people proud   to promote your mixtape as well.


Given these points, let us help you bring your vision to life.  But seriously, whether you hire Vision Scope Media for your next mixtape cover or someone else, make sure you are always receiving high quality mixtape covers.