Why Almost Everyone Is Wrong About Digital Marketing

Stop! Don’t Kill Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Everything you learned about digital marketing... is wrong

Consider what this means.

Now think about all the reasons your digital marketing efforts have backfired. Did the things that use to work, stop working. Have you been listening to the wrong advice? This is the best time to look at your digital marketing. It’s time to be honest...

Do you ever think, your business should be making more money than it currently does? How come everyone else makes money so easily online—while you try everything possible, and barely get enough customers, sales, profits, likes, or views. Is it because people don’t support small businesses? 

What if there was a way to improve your digital marketing tactics? 


If you could read just one post about how to turn your business around and make your digital marketing strategy unstoppable… this is it. I dare you to read this entire article and not improve the way you market your brand? Lets get started!


5 Marketing Secrets That Will Make You Unstoppable

1. Don’t Worry About The Followers Focus On The Relationships

Whether you have 1 million followers or 1 follower, it’s important to focus on your customers. Invest the time to understand their preferences and their problems. What keeps them up at night? What makes them happy? Why do they like you? Your customers will never be a fan of your brand unless they understand your brand and believe that your brand understands them.  So if your digital marketing strategy is a….  ME, ME, ME, plan it’s never going to work. Because you didn’t take the time to understand them. 

If you’re only concerned about followers, you're going to lose money. There are plenty quick way to build fans. You can even spend a multi-billion dollar budget. But if they're not loyal fans, it doesn’t matter. Because they will always leave.

So,take the necessary time to have an actual conversation with someone, and let him or her know they are valued. Customer loyalty is key.

2. You’re Product Is Amazing You’re Delivery Sucks

If you read the first tip, then you know how important it is to connect to your target audience.  If you can, imagine the dry eye guy teaching you about barnacles and physics. It’s not going to work, because his delivery is boring.   Just like his delivery is boring, your marketing pitch falls in the same category. If you say, “check it out” , people will automatically tune you out. There are hundreds of people hitting your potential customers with the “check it out” line. Therefore you want to stand out.  You want to give them a compelling marketing pitch that they can’t resist. You can’t sell the same product the same way, as everyone, in the same place. You have to stand out.  

Staying true to your brand.
Present your product in a way that matches peoples values.
Delivering your product in a way that they will value.
Entertain People.

3. Track Everything In Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Every day you have to get better, or you have to get worst. But you can’t stay the same. That’s just as bad as getting worst. You’ll never know if your brand reach went up ,or down ,if you’re only keeping track of what’s happening right now. You’ll never know if you’re making more money if you don’t measure everything.  Even more important, you’re going to miss valuable trends in the market if you don’t measure everything. If you want to measure you're digital marketing campaigns you should use:

  • Google Analytics to keep track of the traffic that visits you're site
  • Facebook Insight allows you to track you're Facebook traffic
  • Twitter Analytics to keep track of you're twitter page

4. Don’t Get So Caught Up In Facebook Likes  That You Forget About The Money

If we’re not in business for money then what are we in business for?  You can lose allot of money when your end goals aren’t about making money. We should base our successes off of how many units we moved, instead of how many like we received. Likes, Comments, and Views are third level goals. But our bottom line is money. Always keep that in mind.

5.  E-Mail Marketing Is Still Alive

Every day there’s a new change in  the way Facebook works. You don’t have any control over social media sites, and search engines. However you do have control over your     e-mail list.  You’re e-mail list is where you build brand loyalty.  You can send it when you want, and you don’t have to worry about people not getting it.  You are in full control. But with great power comes great responsibility.  Don’t overload it. Keep you're e-mail blast to a limit. 

These are just a few of the many digital marketing tips that we found helpful. If you have any that you would like to share , please leave them in a comment below. 

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